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The Gilded Blood Collector's Edition Omnibus proofs have arrived and...I have no words.

So, for now, a video will have to suffice:

The full-resolution video can also be viewed on FB, IG, and TT.)

Y'all, I am officially ded.

If you haven't already: you can preorder your stunning, jaw-dropping copy here. Now please excuse me while I go take a cold shower.


Did you know that salaried workers are forced to donate 8 hours of free labor to their companies every February 29th 😬 ? For those of you who find yourselves working for FREE today, I feel your pain! My boss NEVER pays me overtime and doesn't ever give me a single day off, even on nights or weekends. (That asshole boss is me, BTW - such a jerk!😂)

Anyway, in honor of those of us who are grinding away for free today, I'm running a weekend flash sale! Inked is just 99 cents from now through Sunday, while the rest of the series is steeply discounted.

Speaking of unpaid labor, I am hard at work on the FINAL chapter of Amethysts and Alchemy and plan on finishing it by or before the weekend. EEEE!!!! Some members of my sensitivity team have told me that Delaney is their favorite character of mine YET. Swoon! 🥰 I cannot wait to share this book with you. It's by far my coziest and most unique to date!

Have a wonderful day, and remember - if your boss asks you for any special favors today, let them know you'll get to it February 30th 😂 Cheers!❤️

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PS - we recently stocked some fantastic new goodies in my Shop, and all newsletter subscribers get 10% off their entire order with promo code RRNL10 !

PPS - I'm waiting on Gilded Blood Omnibus proofs to arrive any day now and will post a video the second they arrive!!!

📚Kickass Kickstarter Alert! 📚

My friend Katie Cross has launched a deluxe, illustrated edition of her award-winning, best selling YA Fantasy book, and I thought you should check it out! 🙂 

Sixteen-year-old Bianca Monroe has prepared for this moment her entire life.

She's joining the quietly famous magical school Miss Mabel’s School for Girls. The only place where she can save her own life. Winning a spot to work directly with Miss Mabel is downright dangerous—particularly with Bianca's secrets to keep close.

Bianca comes face to face with enchanting spells, simmering potions, and the brutal pangs of homesickness.

Unfortunately, Miss Mabel has her own evil plans. If Bianca loses, she’s at the very center of them. Bianca’s only hope lies within the power of her grit, intelligence, and sheer determination.

Back the project right here on Kickstarter!

From the minds that brought you the Gilded Blood and Hell In Haven series, comes a contemporary fantasy satire like no other…

Chet Williams, a fantasy-writer extraordinaire in his own mind, has been rejected one too many times. For far too long, his genius has gone unnoticed. But when Chet stumbles upon a secret that could shake the publishing world to its core, his ambitions are finally realized...for better or for worse.

Come experience the most profound romance of all time: an egomaniac's undying love for himself.

"Utterly brilliant and captivating. If you don't like this book, you clearly don't appreciate superior intelligence, unparalleled talent, and staggering 'genius-ness.'" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- David Green, co-author of THE PILFERED QUILL

"Probably one of greatest stories ever written - not including my numerous other literary masterpieces, that is. Six stars out of five!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Rachel Rener, co-author of THE PILFERED QUILL

Read THE PILFERED QUILL for 99 cents!

You can also get 20% off signed copies via Rachel's shop with promo code WINTER20 !

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Reading!❤️

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