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🡠 This is my fancy author photo. 

            (This is what I look like the rest of the time)
                               🡣                                        🡮

I'm an animal-loving, language-learning, picture-taking, mineral-collecting, videogame-playing, modern rock-listening, celery-hating, acrylic-painting kind of gal. I love contemporary fantasy books and am a sucker for powerful women with magical abilities. When I'm not hunched over my computer writing (while my cockatoo sits on my shoulder begging for head scratches), you can find me hiking, voice acting as Tana the tiefling on the thrilling DnD podcast, Of Dice and Friends, or hanging out at Indie Fantasy Addicts, the greatest group on the internet, where I chill with readers and generally stir up trouble.

🡠 This is Terrance, a.k.a. "Jungle Chicken". He's thirteen years old and loves almonds and head scritches.
This is husband/best friend, Aaron, a.k.a. the reason why I became a writer. He also enjoys almonds and head scritches. 🡥

(And Carrot Cake soda, apparently.)

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