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Brought to you by the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts


I thought I would be the hero. Instead, I became the villain. 

They curse me, call me ruthless, insane, unhinged… a monster. 

But is life so black and white?

What if they took the time to understand my motivations? Would they still condemn me if they recognized the same monster lurking inside themselves?


There’s a villain inside us all. Unhinge yourself from reality and walk with me into the darkness. 

If you dare… 

Rachel Rener and Alora Carter ebook_Morsel face fixed RR.jpg

Feral, a retired war hero with ancient bones and thinning scales, has been living in a dragon retirement home for several centuries. There, his daily routine is always the same: wake up with creaky joints, force down the stale protein bars from Bites of Knights, avoid the caterwauling old females on the shuffleboard court, and then return to bed to dream of flying.

But when a tiny stray human shows up at his front boulder, Feral’s ho-hum world is turned upside down. Once a tentative agreement not to eat this strange little ‘morsel’ is forged, the two of them embark on a journey for applesauce that ends with each of them saving the other’s life – in more ways than one.

THE LITTLE MORSEL is a warm, lighthearted adventure that shines a delicate light on loneliness, neglect, found family, and purpose. Multifaceted and relatable, it is a story that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

From the Shadows:
Villainous Tales of Dark Lords, Despots, and Devils

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