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Good afternoon. As many of you saw in my FB post yesterday, I had to deal with a pretty angry reader who reached out to me via DM to shame my book, Inked, and demand a refund:

The comment section on that post went wild, with many people suggesting I respond in a petty, spiteful, time-consuming and financially-irresponsible way for the sole purpose of teaching that person a lesson. Being the enlightened, intellectual, mature person I am, I took your advice to heart.

Thank you for being the terrible influences you are, including author J.D. Evans, who advised I add glitter to the package as well.

PS: for those of you who haven't yet met Talia, who, despite being "Too Stupid to Live," is one of my favorite characters to date, Inked is currently on sale for 99 pennies on Amazon!


In other news, Inked is officially a finalist in the Indie Ink Awards in FIVE categories:

  • Best book cover and cover artist

  • Best light read

  • Best use of tropes

  • Prettiest book interior

  • Side Character MVP

Thank you so much to all who voted! Judging will happen in February, it looks like, with winners being announced in the Spring. Huzzah!


Lastly, I just hit the 65% finished mark on my current novel, the first in a new cozy romantasy series!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend ahead, and remember: no one can call you Too Stupid to Live if you're still living! 😘



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