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Presenting ALL 13 Gilded BIood illustrations (plus, the amulets have arrived!!)

Now that the Gilded Blood deluxe series omnibus is completely finished, bonus epilogue and all, I could not be more excited to share ALL 13 full-page, full-color illustrations, created by the brilliant Uwe Jarling! Are you ready for this???

Presenting them in order, beginning with - what else? - Butt Cobras!

And now for the brand-new illustrations...

(As always, beware of series spoilers!)

I honestly can't pick a favorite picture, as every single one of these came out even better than I had imagined, but I'd love to hear your favorites! 😍

Now that all 13 illustrations are complete, the time has come to send the manuscript to the printer so we can prepare for next steps - i.e., formatting and getting proofs! I'll be sure to keep you all appraised every step of the way! In the meantime, here's a no-context spoiler from the never-before-seen Dee Dee and Biscuit short story!

Adorbsies, right?

Last but not least, the collectible pendants are finally finished and let me tell you, they look SO GOOD!!!

I wanted to commemorate the most important rune of the series in the most stunning, memorable way, and if you ask me, we nailed it! While these won't officially be available to the rest of the world until next year, those who supported the Kickstarter are more than welcome to order their pendants now as a small, gilded token of my thanks. As with most items in my shop, they include free next-day shipping!

Thank you so much again for your incredible support!❤️

PS: If you haven't already, I would appreciate it so much if you would consider voting for Inked in the 2023 Indie Ink Awards, where it was nominated for FIVE categories!

- Best book cover and cover artist

- Best light read

- Best use of tropes

- Prettiest book interior, &

- Side Character MVP

Even if Inked doesn't make it into the finals, simply being nominated means the world to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love you've shown the Gilded Blood series this year!❤️


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