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An Expanding Team (With Nary a Seggsy Fireman in Sight🔥👨‍🚒😫)

Happy Monday!

As many of you know, I’ve been going hard for the 2 years. In addition to writing a complete series in the span of 11 months, I also spearheaded a collaborative anthology, finished the Bone Whisperers duology, produced two special edition books, wrote a brand-new manuscript, secured an agent, and went on wide submission with major publishers.

What you might not know is that in addition to all of that, I also handle all accounting, marketing, graphics design, interior book formatting, outsourcing contract work, website design and upkeep, packing, shipping, inventory tracking, warehouse maintenance, customer queries, publishing, updating book back matter, convention appearances, book signings, reader messages, creating social media content and managing five accounts, monitoring sales and royalties, convention applications, newsletter writing, merchandise ordering, spreadsheet tracking, troubleshooting, tax preparation, office supply orders, financial auditing, and parrot-wrangling.

To simply say I am exhausted would be an understatement. But finding an assistant who ticks all the right boxes is a tremendously daunting task, so I’ve been putting it off (much to the continued detriment of my own mental health and well-being) least until now.

*cue angels playing horns* Dun dun dun dunnnn!👼📯

Last weekend, something wonderful happened: I was given less than 3 hours to sign books for hundreds of people, which turned into a hellish nightmare that resulted in the hotel deeming me a literal fire hazard 🔥👨‍🚒 (and yet not a sәxy fireman in sight $@#&! 😫). This, obviously, was not the wonderful part. What WAS wonderful was a convention volunteer named Britt who just happened to be standing right next to my table. Without ever being asked, Britt turned that unruly mob (said with love) into an organized, ticketed-and-numbered line. She then spent the next few hours passing out my business cards, telling potential readers about my series, and leading them to my website for orders once we sold out of books. In other words, the only fire in the hotel was the one beneath her feet! (And yet, still no sәxy firemen.)

After the convention was over, Britt and I continued talking. In addition to being supremely organized, bright as a bulb, and quick as a whip, she also lives relatively close to me, has a ton of relevant work experience, and loves all things books.

Anyway, long story short, I’d like you all to meet to my official “Queen Helper Bee,” Britt. She’ll be CC’d on website-related emails and will eventually be your general point of contact for all invoices and orders. You might also get to meet her face-to-face as she’ll be traveling to several conventions with me this summer!

Britt will be reply to all incoming mail at

Lastly, she’ll also be helping out on social media, but rest assured I’ll still be present just as much as before, and she’ll always sign off as “Britt” in the comments so you won’t have to wonder which of us you’re talking to 😊 My readers are my absolute favorite part of my job, and I will never stop being here for you no matter how busy things get!

All that said, please help me give Britt the warmest welcome possible! Not only will you quickly find that she’s a delight to talk to, but her presence will allow me to get back to the one thing we all want me to do more of: WRITE!

With that, I’m off to work on the sequel to Amethysts & AlchemyEmeralds and Elixirs!

(Not the official graphic, this picture just makes me happy!)



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