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Mages, 'Mancers and Baudy Romancers

For those who don't know, I help run the coolest group on the internet, Indie Fantasy Addicts.

And starting June 1st, we're kicking off our hugely popular, wildly fun #IFASummerChallenge22. Basically, you read indie fantasy books, score points, and have the chance to earn a treasure trove of money, signed books, swag, and eternal bragging rights.

Come check it out! And if you'd like to join a reading team, this year I'm heading a team with SPFBO winner J.D. Evans, the inimitable David Green, and Master Nils Ödlund, writer and owner of Oh, and did I mention the brilliant Author Alora Carter is our reader captain?

In other words, our team, Mages, 'Mancers and Baudy Romancers is where it's at! Come join us here!

And as always, happy reading! 📖❤️


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