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Please Enjoy Some Seggsy Book 🌽

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have some fun plans and/or a great book to read for the upcoming weekend!

Britt and I have been receiving a lot of repeat questions this month that I wanted to take a moment to answer, and also give you an exclusive sneak peek at something gorgeous at the bottom of this email!

Q1: When are the Gilded Blood omnibuses shipping / Why hasn't mine arrived yet? / Where's the tracking info?

A: The printer informed us last month that the books should be arriving at port sometime in mid-May, so any day now! Once they get there, they'll go through customs, be shipped on an 18-wheeler, and will arrive at Andrew's warehouse in Texas. At that point, we'll immediately start shipping them and will get you your tracking information in real time. If your address has changed since the Kickstarter/Pledgebox survey or you have any concerns about shipment, please contact Andrew at

Please rest assured that the MOMENT they arrive at port and are on the way, you'll be the very first to know.

Q2: I'm short on funds at the moment and want to know how long the omnibus will be available.

A: I just spent a significant amount of money on a second print run, which will be arriving in July, and we still have plenty of those copies left!

Q3: What's going on with Amethysts & Alchemy? When will that be published?

A&A is currently on wide submission with several large publishing companies across the U.S. and U.K. I'm waiting to see if we get an offer that will really benefit this new series and allow it to reach a wider audience. However, if we don't get good enough offers or I have misgivings about any part of the process, I plan to release it in the fall. I've also already started writing the sequel, Emeralds & Elixirs!

Q4: Any updates on the upcoming Bone Whisperer Chronicles SE Duology?

Yes! I just approved the physical proof and the books will enter the printing stage next week! We expect them to arrive by early July. I'm THRILLED with the look and quality of the book. Check it out!

Q5: You've been doing so much. When are you going to take a nap?!?!

Literally right now😉😴

Cheers and have a great weekend!❤️

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