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Illustration #7 Reveal: DEE DEE!!! (Plus: 1-Day Freebie Alert!)

The seventh (of 13 total) Gilded Blood Omnibus illustrations is finished, in all of Dee Dee's stunning, hilarious, Jewish mother triumph and glory. Are you ready for this??

Isn't she absolutely glorious? 😍

By the way, everyone who ordered JUST a Gilded Blood art pack (sans omnibus or anything else that's 3D) should have received theirs by now. If you are in the U.S. and have not received yours, let me know! For everyone outside the U.S., they might take a few weeks to get to you, so please bear with the postal service during this crazy holiday season! 🙏

If you haven't ordered an art pack and/or omnibus and still want one, we've got you! Just head on over to PledgeBox, where you'll be able to late pledge for a limited time.


FREEBIE ALERT (Today only)!!

If you (and/or a book-loving friend) haven't already, today's the day to nab the steamy, laugh-out-loud romantasy book that's been causing readers to run to the restroom (not just for sullied pants but for long, coooold showers as well )!


Upcoming Appearances

I'll be signing books at GalactiCon this upcoming weekend. If you're planning on being there, stop by and say hello! I promise not to bite.


Sweet Holiday Promos and Discounts!

I've added the brand-new option of nabbing all 4 paperback books of the Gilded Blood series for 15% off, which includes free next-day shipping! If you've been thinking about getting the complete series for yourself or a fantasy and/or tattoo-loving friend, now's the perfect time!

You can also get the complete Lightning Conjurer series (think Captain Marvel meets Avatar: The Last Airbender) for 20% off the list price (and yep, that includes free shipping!)

Last but not least, you can get 25% off ALL signed books (minus special editions) now through Christmas with promo code WINTER25. Which means, technically, you could get ALL of the aforementioned books for 25% off.


*runs to calculator to make sure I'm still making some vague semblance of a profit*

....Meh, close enough.

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, everyone!



When Zayn, your smoking hot boss, tells you never to touch the cache of deluxe tattoo ink locked away in his office, you listen to him… until the day you run out of your own ink, your squirming client is on the verge of peeing his pants, and your boss is nowhere to be found. Desperate times call for desperate measures... Right?


When an amnesiac rediscovers her latent powers, she'll shake the entire world... literally.


Captain Marvel meets Avatar: The Last Airbender in this thrilling saga of empowerment, found family, and a sizzling, slow-burn romance

Dr. Who Meets Nancy Drew with a dash of The Ghost Whisperer and A Wrinkle in Time 💀

As an infant, Lilah's terrifying form of epilepsy drove her family to abandon her. Years later, when her quest to find answers leads to her teenage mother's cold case, she must learn to control her "gift" before she kills someone. Again.

When a tiny human shows up at an old, grumpy dragon's front boulder, the two of them embark on a journey for applesauce that ends with each of them saving the other’s life – in more ways than one.

And, as always, signed books are available through my shop!


Lightning Conjurer Books, LLC


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