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Wild Times Square Exposure (the good kind! 😏) and the Ink Awards!

First and foremost - Happy Friday!!! 🥳 It's been a full 48 hours but I am still glowing from Wednesday's awesome news! In case you missed it, Inked was featured in New York Time's Square on Wednesday for winning the gold medal for Women's Fantasy Fiction in the 2023 BookFest awards!

Seeing my book featured in Time's Square was truly a dream come true and I couldn't have done it without all of your incredible support this past year. Thank you not just from the bottom, but from the top and both sides of my heart as well! 🥰


Speaking of awards, Inked was recently nominated for the 2023 Indie Ink Awards for not just one but FIVE categories:

  • Best book cover and cover artist

  • Best light read

  • Best use of tropes

  • Prettiest book interior, AND(!!!)

  • Side Character MVP

Now that voting is officially open, it would mean the world to me if you would consider voting for Inked in any or all of the above categories!


Lastly, keep an eye on your inboxes in the next few days, since we're finishing up the final illustration of the Gilded Blood Complete Series Omnibus and will be showcasing all 13 of them before sending the project over to our printer. I know I might be biased, but these last two paintings might just be my favorite to date! 😍

Thanks again for all you do and have a wonderful weekend ahead!


Free Book Alert!

Long ago I accepted that I was different, and that the fae would never see me as their equal because of the tainted blood running through my veins.

What I didn’t expect? That when my brother and his friends went to the Royal Fae Academy, they’d abandon me too.

Except when my brother’s friends return years later, we’ve all changed, as have our feelings for each other. But if they think I’m going to suddenly start acting like the innocent girl they left behind, they have another thing coming.

My powers are dark and sexy, and if they have a problem with it, they can go screw themselves!

Only, what if it’s me they want to screw?

REVERE is a short prequel to the Royal Fae Academy. Our heroine is tough, uses her dark powers shamelessly, and her guys have eyes for her and only her. Read now!

I'm a ghost whisperer, not a catacomb crawler. But when you live in Paris, sometimes you end up being both.

Hi, I’m Alix. During the day, I’m a history student at the time-honoured Sorbonne University. After class, I hang out with the ghosts of the revolution, the many undead misunderstood Parisian artists, and adventurous scientists that glow in the dark. None of them are alive, but they come to me to solve their problems with the living.

When a recently deceased catacomb tour guide asks me to retrieve a mysterious personal item from the underground, things take a turn for the weird. Suddenly, I find myself in a city of ghosts, hunted by murderous cave crawlers, and stumbling across haunting secrets.

If I’m not careful now, I might end up a ghost myself.

Urban Fantasy with a French twist. If you like cave-crawling adventures, hopeless romantics, and ghosts, you'll enjoy Ghosts of the Catacomb, the first instalment of the Parisian Ghosts series. Travel to Paris today to embark on your catacomb adventure.


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