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TLC Omnibus concept art ⚡️

I want to stress that this is an incredibly rough sketch just to nail the concept, but since The Lightning Conjurer hardcover omnibus Kickstarter campaign is 80% funded with a whopping 14 days to go (🤯), it felt like a great time to post an update for those of you who have so generously contributed!

Best news of all - since the artist is already diligently working on the redesigned cover, and the interior designer is available to dive in at the end of November, I'm thinking there's a 96.5% chance we'll have the books in your hands by Christmas/the end of Hanukkah. If you haven't signed up for the campaign, you can do so here. All patrons at the $55+ tier will get a limited edition, signed and number hardcover omnibus as well as a Lightning Conjurer t-shirt (and a bunch of other goodies!)⚡️

Whether you're a $100 patron or a $1 patron, thank you so much for helping to make this happen!

For all direct replies, please feel free to email me at


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