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Omnibus Illustration #7 and New Shop Update (plus some stupidly good Black Friday book deals!)

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I hope the holiday provides you a chance to snuggle up with a warm drink and cozy blanket and catch up on some reading! 📚

...Unlike me, for I am physically unable to do so with a clingy velcro birb.

Actual Photo of Me Trying (And Failing) to Read a Book

Discounts, Promos, and Awesome new Box Set options!

Over the weekend, I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME updating my shop with some cool new options (while also making it easier to navigate). For example, I've added the brand-new option of nabbing all 4 paperback books of the Gilded Blood series for 15% off, which includes free next-day shipping! If you've been thinking about getting the complete series for yourself or a fantasy/tattoo-loving friend, now's the perfect time!

You can also get the complete Lightning Conjurer series for 20% off the list price (and yes, free shipping!)

And, for those of you who stuck around 'til the end (thank you!!🙏), don't forget you can get 25% off ALL signed books (minus special editions) now through Christmas with promo code WINTER25. Which means, technically, you could get ALL of the aforementioned books for 25% off. (Yeah, I know, I've never been particularly good at making gobs of money 😂)

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, everyone!


PS - The 7th new illustration in the Gilded Blood Omnibus will be finished this week, and for those of you who guessed it would feature Dee Dee - you were right!! Keep a close eye out for the upcoming hilarious update!

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