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To celebrate the first day of autumn, we’d like to gift you the first book of The Lightning Conjurer series for FREE!

Redemption site (where you can download the book in any format:

Free coupon code: TA44H

For those of you who have recently asked about the series and its magic system: The Lightning Conjurer is a fast-paced contemporary fantasy trilogy with elements of magical realism, romance, and suspense. Aspen (as she calls herself) has been living entirely off the grid for the last three years, without any form of ID or any memory of who she once was. It’s been a lonely and uneventful life, until strange things suddenly begin to happen all around her – things like freak tornadoes, exploding fireplaces, and self-heating bathwater, to name a few. In time, and with the help of a mysterious young professor, Aspen realizes that she herself is the cause of these events. The magic system in The Lightning Conjurer series is elemental by nature; some people are able to control Fire, others Water, still others Wind, Lightning, or Earth. A few people have control over two elements, but that’s uncommon. Aspen, to her incredible disbelief and dismay, appears to be able to wield all five. As she begins to uncover what may have been her past and is certainly her future, she is summoned by a powerful agency that promises to protect and train her. But they have their own secrets. Will she want to stay with them as those secrets come to life? Will she be able to leave if she chooses to?

The Lightning Conjurer Series


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