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Brisket and shrooms and mer-nipples... Oh my?

I'd like to extend a tremendous thanks to J. D. Evans, SPFBO winner and one of my most favorite authors of all time - not just for reading and reviewing, but also for bequeathing "Mer-nipples" unto the world.

Full review text:

✨✨Jinxed✨✨ by Rachel Rener

*Waltzes in, slaps Jinxed on the table, LAUGHS MANIACALLY*

😝😝😝😝😝 <-- FIVE GOLD NEENER NEENERS is my review of this ARC

Ahem. Okay. *Puts on serious glasses* 🤓

I know not many of you have read Inked *snicker* so would not at ALL BE INTERESTED in its sequel, Jinxed *guffaw*.

But if you are, vaguely curious, just mildly interested, perhaps just a *bit* intrigued *titter*, follow along as I review this Jewish Literature joy-ride in as non-spoilerish a fashion as I can manage (I cannot wait to squee about it with people later…It’s just so lonely being me 🥺😏 (insert evil laughter).

We open in the midst of some Very Steamy happenings. *eyebrow waggle*

Hair colors have changed… tattoos are missing and then (mostly) restored.

A certain baby creature makes a debut. Complete with Dapper Chapeau.

A meet the mom dinner happens, and it is all the things it should be, including brisket.

Chihuahuas, and bad guys, and all the Chrises (Chrisi?), Oh My.

We see elvens, and mer-nipples, and crazy, half-assed plans that go awry.

Poor choices are made and consequences are had.

A Magical Port-a-Pantry that I want, bad.

Creatures and creepers abound. And our crazy girl remains awesome, flailing selflessly through A LOT to, yet again, save the day and make some friends along the way.

Random rhymes to keep you riveted. Yes indeed.

There’s Magical Shrooms and A VERY ANGRY shape shifter we might get to see again. We learn more about secret things, but not all the things…so hold on to your hats, my dears, it’s a bumpy ride.

It also ends in another cliffhangerish ending, possibly the best, most SCARIEST cliffhanger EVER. DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNN.


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