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Preorder the brand-new BONE WHISPERER duology - including The Girl Who Talks to Ashes and The Boy Who Lurks in Shadows - coming this summer! (Price increases  to $65 after May 2024)


This gorgeous limited collector's edition includes:

  • The complete Bone Whisperer duology
  • Durable hardcover design
  • Gorgeous sprayed edges
  • Gold-foiled cover
  • Revamped interior
  • Signed by author Rachel Rener


"Imagine The Ghost Whisperer starring Nancy Drew with a dash of A Wrinkle in Time and a pinch of Dr. Who - it's one of the most ingenious books I have ever read!" -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The Magic Book Corner


Willow, a young and reluctant new mother, is terrified of her infant, Lilah – namely, her peculiar form of epilepsy. Every time Lilah's eyes glaze over, terrible things happen: flowers shrivel, food goes to rot, and even Willow's long, auburn hair turns stark white. Soon, it all becomes too much to bear. In the middle of the night, Willow and her mother dump the baby at the fire station two towns over and are never heard from again.

The next morning, Chief Stanley Quinn takes Lilah home and cares for the toddler as best as he can. With medication, her epilepsy remains under control... For the most part.

But as a teenager, Lilah isn't always keen on taking her pills. When she sneaks away to a rock concert with the cutest boy in school, a breakthrough seizure triggers an accident, landing both of them in the hospital. After Stanley breaks down and confesses everything to his adopted daughter, she decides to track down the young girl who gave her up sixteen years ago – the young girl who is now presumed to be dead. As Lilah's commitment to finding her birth mother becomes a quest to solve a long-forgotten cold case, she must learn how to control her peculiar ‘gift’
before she kills someone...



"Creepy, suspenseful, genuine, goosebump-inducing, sweet, charming, raw - it is all of these things and more. This is going on my list of absolute favorite books of all time!" -⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Goodreads review


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Preorder - The Bone Whisperer Chronicles Complete Duology

$65.00 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
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