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Four years after the collapse of the Inner circle, the Asterian Order is functioning as Aspen and the late Magistrate envisioned; containment centers have been shut down, antiquated laws have been abolished, and free elections for a new Prime Minister are underway. In the meantime, Aspen and her fiancé, Aiden, have been enjoying their peaceful life out of the spotlight and away from the Order.

However, in the absence of containment and conviction, the line between freedom and secrecy has been blurred; amid the turmoil, a fresh wave of Elemental Supremacism is threatening to take hold of the Asterian Parliament. To combat this, Ori announces his bid to become Minister. If he loses, his radical opponent will be turning dangerous rhetoric into a stark reality that poses a direct threat to the entire human race.

While he and Aspen embark on a crucial political mission, Aiden, Eileen, and Sophia are joined by an old nemesis to carry out their own top-secret quest: scouring the globe for rogue Elementalists with extraordinary powers. If they succeed in recruiting these hundreds of Wilders to their cause, they’ll have a slew of newcomers to support Ori’s campaign. But if they fail, their adversary will have access to the greatest army of Elementalists the world has ever seen.

The stakes have never been higher for Aspen and her friends… and losing has never been more dangerous.

Signed copy of The Reckoning (The Lightning Conjurer #4)

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