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Special Treat – Hurry Hurry!

Rachel A. here! I have a special treat for you! The first 18 chapters of The Lightning Conjurer – The Awakening are available to you to read on the blog from now until New Year’s Eve. This is your chance to get caught up with the blog before we start posting new chapters – binge read away! Happy Holidays! ❄️🎊🎄

As always, if you are enjoying this free preview please support this indie author by reacting (👍❤️😂😲😥😡) on social media, sharing posts, following the blog, leaving a review, and/or buying a copy of the book. The Awakening is available in paperback at and Tattered Cover Book Stores in Denver – and it’s available in e-book format at most major book retail websites. ⚡️🌪🔥🌎🌊


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