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Who's a Fan Expo Featured Author? This chick!

I'm so chuffed! I've been selected to be a featured author at FAN EXPO Denver (formerly Denver Comic Con)!

I'll be there all weekend with a group of authors called the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Collective. We'll have a block of tables in the vendor room facing the Pro Comics authors ( I'll be signing books at block A1706).

I'll also be on two panels! We don't know exact locations yet, but the panel times are listed below. I'll update the event info when I get the rooms. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

10:30 AM -- Writing through the Pain: Trauma and Creativity Panelists Stace Johnson, MOD. DL Wainright, Adam Gaffen, David Lee Summers, and Rachel Rener.

Description: From crafting authentic narratives to self-care strategies, our panel of authors will explore the delicate balance between vulnerability and healing, offering insights into how they have grappled with their own experiences and the role that storytelling plays in recovery. Please note: this discussion includes sensitive topics and discretion is advised.

2:30 PM -- History and its Influence on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Panelists David Lee Summers, MOD. Peter E Sartucci, Rachel Rener, and Stace Johnson.

Description: History is an essential part of writing science fiction and fantasy. Science fiction writers need to understand the past to imagine a possible future. Fantasy writers might set their stories in real or imagined pasts, but need to understand how things worked together in those time periods. Panelists discuss how they research history and how they use it to inform their stories.

Can't wait to see you all this weekend!


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