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The Good, The Bad, and the Mass Market Publishing Trends

Bit of sad news this month. An absolutely lovely and well-known agent has had my book manuscript for some time and finally got back to me to let me know that while she loved Aspen’s story, New Adult novels (books with main characters in their early twenties) are essentially being auto-rejected by publishing companies unless they are erotic romance (think: 50 Shades). So it seems The Lightning Conjurer won’t be mass-produced for awhile, not unless the market shifts. (Or we drastically rewrite/’smuttify’ the romantic elements


On a happy note, my aggrieved and disgruntled letter to Mr. Bezos has had favorable results, and it appears reviews for the book are no longer being deleted on Amazon! Hoorah! So if you enjoyed TLC, please consider helping your resident Indie author out by dropping a review and/or sharing news of the book with your fantasy loving friends?

Much love and gratitude 

🙏 RR


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