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🌈The Brief but Explosive War of Gold and Rainbows✨

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WE DID IT!!! In just three days, we have funded, annihilated Stretch Goal #1 (temporary rune tattoos for all), and sailed right past Stretch Goal #2 (MORE full page illustrations)!!! That brings us to THIRTEEN full-color illustrations - 3 key scenes per book, plus a bonus illustration for book 4!! Any guesses as to what those scenes might be?

Up next, Stretch Goal #3: built-in ribbon bookmarks!!! We have metallic options, as well as two-toned options. I'd love to hear your thoughts on ribbon colors below!

PS, following The Brief but Explosive War of Gold and Rainbows that occurred earlier this week, I am incredibly excited to announce that protective slipcovers will now match the book you've selected. In other words, gold-foiled books get gold-foiled slipcovers, and rainbow-foiled books will get rainbow-foiled slipcovers!

HUZZAH for successful (and gorgeous) peace treaties!!!!

(In case you missed it, you can now select rainbow foil/edges as an add-on, meaning gold-lovers get gold and rainbow-lovers get rainbow!)


By the way, if you're looking for more epic Kickstarter fantasy goodness, check out these sweet campaigns!


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