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THE AWAKENING just got a stunning new makeover!

Hi everyone, Rachel [R] here! I’m so happy that I can FINALLY share the amazing news! We’ve just published the stunning new book cover for THE LIGHTNING CONJURER: THE AWAKENING, custom designed by the incomparable Selene Regener:

FINAL - e-book.jpg

I never could have dreamed that Aspen could be brought to life so perfectly. This series is the single proudest achievement of my life and worth every painstaking moment of the hundreds of hours I – and others – have poured into it. Thank you to everyone who’s reached out in some way to support the series. It means more than you can imagine! 

If you or someone you know loves fantasy novels with plenty of magical realism and a dash of romance, I would be honored if you would help share the love – and the new design! (The e-book cover has been distributed; the paperback will only be a day or so behind).

To check out more stunning work by Selene, check out her Deviant Art page:


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