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Stretch goals (the FUN variety, not the exercise kind!)

EDIT: When I posted the Stretch Goal Rewards earlier today, it caused a little bit of a tizzy between my gold lovers and my rainbow lovers. So, my project manager and I put our heads together and came up with this stunning compromise! Which means our previous 50k stretch goal is now up for grabs! Once we get closer to that number, we'll take a vote to see what YOU would like to see unlocked!

Original post

Real talk, guys: I was NOT expecting this project to fund in twelve days, let alone in twelve hours! I've been secretly working on this omnibus behind the scenes for months, chewing my nails to the nubs at the thought of not being able to turn this dream into a reality. The fact that this is NOW ACTUALLY 100% OFFICIALLY HAPPENING is so surreal, and I could not be more excited or more grateful to everyone who helped make this possible!!! Together, we're going to make this omnibus THE MOST GORGEOUS BOOK EVER MADE!!!

With that, let's get right now to brass tacks: STRETCH GOALS!

Which of the above milestones are you most excited about? Me, I am DROOLING over the iridescent rainbow sprayed edges and foil!!! 😍

(For those of you who are new to the Kickstarter realm, "stretch goals" are additional goals that a creator can set for their Kickstarter project to thank their current backers and incentivize new ones to join. Stretch goals are used to add additional features, content, or bonuses to the project if the campaign is able to raise more money than was originally expected. Oftentimes, they're the most exciting part of a Kickstarter campaign! To get in on this project's awesomeness, follow along here!)


By the way, if you're still itching for some MORE gorgeous books, get a load of these stunning Kickstarters coming this fall!


Sep 13, 2023

I need the short story!!!! 😍


Sep 13, 2023

The first stretch goal is my favorite, actually. More tattoos, yay!

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