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Updated: Sep 14, 2023


The most stunning, colorful, breathtakingly-beautiful omnibus you have ever seen is on the verge of becoming a reality. We're talking:

🟥 All four books of the Gilded Blood series combined into one gorgeous deluxe collector's edition (with 11-pt font, for those who don't love to squint!), signed by yours truly!

🟧 A stunning foiled leather cover featuring Roy's infamous "Butt Cobra" and our beautiful, almond-loving Biscuit ❤︎

🟨 10 high-resolution, full-color illustrations of key moments in the series (sirens, crystal caverns, and baby Biscuits included!)

🟩 110+ revamped, fully colorized chapter headings (plus detailed character portraits of all your favorite (and not-so-favorite) characters!)

🟦 Sprayed gilded edges as a nod to our gilded-blood heroine, and

🟪 A sturdy-yet-stunning slipcase to protect your new treasure!💎

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the site, Kickstarter is a platform that lets backers support a creative endeavor as a community. It works just like a pre-order, but with the opportunity to unlock book upgrades and extra goodies for every order as the funding increases. It will also be the only guaranteed way to get a copy.

Every follow, comment, and pledge tells the Kickstarter algorithm that this is a project that deserves to be publicized. So even if you're unable to splurge on the omnibus at this time, every dollar and share counts! Regardless of whether your pledge is $1 or $100, I cannot thank you enough for embarking on this adventure with me!

I am SO EXCITED to (hopefully) turn this dream project into reality!


September Deal / Freebie Alerts!

USA Today Bestselling Author, Astrid V.J. is putting her entire Elisabeth and Edvard's World Boxed Set on sale for 99 cents! Check it out here! (Deal runs through 9/16, and then half off until 9/18).

IMMORTAL GHOST (Free download!!)

Immortality sucks.

Just ask Imogen Gray: Over two-hundred thousand years old and teetering on the edge of total insanity. Strong as a shifter, faster than a vampire, Imogen's walked the earth forever, always alone, never growing, never changing.

Never learning, either. Her smart mouth and quick temper get her into trouble far too often.

And when trouble comes, she gets hurt. Sometimes very badly, and it can take a long, painful time to heal from severed limbs and disembowelment.

She's tired of it all. So tired.

But she's got a plan. Imogen's on a mission to find the next reincarnation of her father, the only person in the world who knows what she is; the only man who can help get rid of the curse of immortality.

She's got to find him first. For that, she needs to perform a powerful scrying spell, and for that she needs a blood witch.

Imogen is going undercover at an animal shelter to try and flush out one of these bloodthirsty maniacs. But it's not exactly going to plan, thanks to a blind date with a goblin, a vampire stuck in the late nineties, and one pesky ghost...


Sep 13, 2023

Pledged for the whole shebang. I hope shebang isn't a word that is now "bad". I always liked using it. I'm going to go giggle with my Redheaded Stepsister Wine Spitzer that is heavy in the wine.

Sep 13, 2023
Replying to

I cannot thank you enough, Hope!!!!! IT'S PARTY TIME!!!!

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