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So, this just happened.

EDIT: We just hit our stretch goal!! Biscuit decals for all!!! ❤️🌈🦜

I just finished speaking with Geekify Inc, one of the coolest companies based right here in Colorado. Not only did they contribute to the Gilded Blood Kickstarter, which is insanely generous of them, but they are creating this custom engraved as an exclusive add-on for all project backers to nab in these last 5 days of the campaign. AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED.

BTW, we are SO CLOSE to nabbing the next stretch goal - custom "I ❤️ Biscuit" decals for all, designed by Liz Delton and fulfilled by Geekify themselves!

5 days left to pledge for the most stunning omnibus you have ever seen, with some of the COOLEST add-ons imaginable!!!

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