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QuaranCon2022 (I NEED YOU!)

When I was invited to be a panelist (😰) and do a live reading (😱) at Quarancon, I thought to myself, "No problem. April is 27 years away. This is a problem for Future Rachel to deal with."

Well, April is upon us. And Present Rachel is not happy with Past Rachel's choices.

So, to help alleviate my massive, mounting anxiety, please come and help celebrate this dumpster fire (my awkwardness, not the convention itself) by joining me there! I've made it super easy for you to add to your Google Calendar by adding automated links below each event! BECAUSE I NEED YOU.

- Don't miss this one, for I WILL be drunk.

- Add to your calendar! ↴

- Food in SFF, complete with actual dishes inspired by SFF works.

- Add to your calendar! ↴

- We're not all wired the same way, and that is a thing of beauty, something to be celebrated. A group of neurodiverse authors and bloggers discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of neurodiversity in fiction.

- Add to your calendar! ↴


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