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One Week to Go!

When the Gilded Blood Complete Series Omnibus Kickstarter Project went live two weeks ago, I wasn't sure we'd be able to hit our $15k funding goal within the three-week allotment. And then you wonderful people showed up in DROVES and funded that project within hours. (Thank you from the bottom of my swelling heart!!!)

Because we keep hitting our stretch goals, this omnibus just keeps getting better and better! In addition to faux magenta leather, gilded foil and sprayed edges, 10 brand-new full-page illustrations, 110 revamped colorized chapter headings, and a stunning protective slipcase, we've also added: 3 MORE full-page illustrations (for 13 total!), custom temporary rune tattoos for all tiers, a built-in ribbon bookmark, a full-color, fold out map, and an add-on option for holographic rainbow foil and sprayed edges!!!

PLUS, we're less than $2k away from I ❤️ Biscuit decals for every tier and WELL on our way to funding a patron-exclusive short story featuring DeeDee and Biss-kiss!!

If you haven't had a chance to order your copy, now's a great time to hop on the rainbow-colored bandwagon!!!🌈🚚

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