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Meet the Cast of INKED!

Now that INKED is out in the world, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the main characters! BTW - While you're on the site, please feel free to subscribe to my blog! You'll be the first to get news, updates, and announcements - and believe me, there's some AWESOME news coming!

Name: Talia Kestenbaum

Age: 25

Species: Human. Probably.

Occupation: Tattoo artist at Flourish and Dots

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Current residence: Miami

Main talents: Creating art of all kinds, making people laugh, getting into trouble (oftentimes by running her mouth)

Blood type: Rhnull


Name: Zayn Bahrami

Age: Unknown

Species: Incubus

Occupation: Tattoo artist / Owner of Flourish and Dots

Place of birth: Unknown

Current residence: Miami

Main talents: Designing complex tattoos, Runemaster, shrouding himself in mystery

Blood type: ???


Name: Biscuit

Age: Unknown

Species: One of a kind

Occupation: Tattoo familiar

Place of birth / Current residence: Zayn's forearm

Main talents: Eating, sleeping, feigning injuries for pity and almonds

Blood type: Zayn's blood and Ink


Name: Dee Dee (Diedre) Kestenbaum

Age: 52

Occupation: Talia's mother, retired nurse

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Current residence: Miami

Species: Neurotic Jewish Mother

Main talents: Calling at the worst possible moment, sensing when bad things are going to happen, driving her daughter up a wall

Blood type: ???

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Tina Morley
Tina Morley
17 de mar. de 2022

This is great! LOVE it! I think I signed up for the blog, but I don't know if it worked.

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