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It's almost ready!

The Lightning Conjurer Complete Series Omnibus is in its final stages of production! 776 pages. Fully revamped and colorized interior. Gorgeous, jaw-dropping new cover art. I am SO excited to mail these out in the next couple of weeks!!

Just look at this cover! 😍

With a stunning interior to match!

Each of the four books will feature differently-colored chapter headings. This is from the first book, The Awakening.

And this is a glimpse of the 4th book, The Reckoning!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, never fear - you can pre-order your signed and numbered limited edition here. But I will only be printing 100 copies total, and slots are filling up FAST. If you'd like to secure your copy, please place your order as soon as you're able to! Thank you SO MUCH again to everyone who helped make this Kickstarter a reality! ❤️


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