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Illustration #4...BABY BISCUIT!!!

Hi, everyone!!

Quick note, for those of you who weren't able to afford the omnibus the first time around - Andrew and I have set up a PledgeBox site, which will let you to make a pledge even now. We also just sent out the official survey, which will collect your mailing information so we can get you your goodies ASAP! Have I mentioned that we're publishing all of my backers' names in the omnibus? Because we are!! :) Thank you so, so much again for helping to make this gorgeous book a reality!

And now, for the REAL reason you've probably opened up this update....BABY BISCUT!

You asked, and we delivered! Behold, the 4th of 13 full-page, full-color illustrations!! Baby Biscuit is so stinking cute I don't even know where to begin! 😍

Up next, illustration #5: Talia and Zayn embracing in cobalt-blue grass with a turquoise sunset in the distance! I'm so excited about this illustration because it's one of my favorite scenes in the entire series! After that, I'm thinking we'll illustrate a scene from Jinxed, where Talia and Korinne (one of my favorite side-characters!) are walking inside of a crystal cavern with glowing water and dramatic stalactites. Is there anything you'd like to see included in that illustration? Maybe the shadowy silhouette of a certain mischievous tommyknocker's clawed, outstretched hand stretching alongside the cave walls?

Lastly, here is a glimpse of the stunning postcards we'll be including with the art pack and deluxe tiers (and also as an add-on!) 😁 Aren't they beautiful?


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