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Gilded Blood Omnibus Illustrations 8 AND 9! (Plus some awesome holiday goodies!)

Happy Monday, everyone! I am SO excited to share not one but TWO more Gilded Blood Omnibus illustrations with you today! TBH, I'm still struggling to pick my jaw up off the floor!

Illustration #8: The Great Phoenix Tree

(or, as Biscuit calls it, the "Biiiiiiiig Pen*s Tree" 😂)

“With a trunk as tall and wide as a New York City skyscraper, the colossal tree towered hundreds of feet above the tallest evergreens, its highest branches practically caressing the underside of low-hanging clouds. But what made it even more magnificent is that every single one of its leaves twinkled and glowed, as though the branches were covered in hundreds of thousands of green fireflies.”

Illustration #9: The Ancient Crystal Caverns

"The narrow tunnel we’d been walking through abruptly ended, dumping us into an enormous cavern that was as wide as it was tall, at least three football fields on all sides. Colossal, water-clear crystals, some nearly scraping the thousand-foot-high ceiling, towered above us like redwood trees. They sprouted from the ground, the walls, and the ceiling at every angle, crisscrossing over one another and throwing prismatic rainbow reflections all over the cave."

If you haven't ordered a Gilded Blood Complete Series Omnibus and still want one, we've got you! Head on over to PledgeBox where you'll be able to late pledge for a limited time!


Cheap Smut!

I was so lucky to have been invited on SmutCo Industries' Cheap Smut Podcast earlier this month, where we talked about smut, sexy incubi, and snarts. Yes, snarts. You can check out the full episode here!

If you're looking for something slightly more edifying, I also joined authors Megan Haskell and Greta Boris on their podcast, The Author Wheel, to chat about publishing, Kickstarters, the pros and cons of Kindle Unlimited, and more. That educational episode can be found here :)


Fancy Embossers and Holiday Deals!

I just got the fanciest, most wonderful embossing tool, which means, moving forward, all signed books purchased from my shop will now come with this beautiful new insignia embossed inside the title page:



Don't forget, you can get 25% off ALL signed books (minus special editions) now through Christmas with promo code WINTER25.

Have a wonderful week ahead!❤️



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