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Fort Collins Comic Con made the terrible mistake of inviting me on their podcast.

I recently sat down with Nick Armstrong, one of the organizers of the Fort Collins Comic Con! Not only did he have to mark the podcast as "explicit" thanks to my lack of filter, but I also let slip WAY too much about a certain unpublished book. And no, I won't give you the minute mark to find it 😝

Rachel's writing process is unique. She's a pantser, writing by the seat of her pants, and doesn't plot out her stories in advance. She wrote her first book in just seven weeks, pouring her hyperfocus and undivided attention into the story. Talk about dedication!

Rachel's love for fantasy shines through in her work. She draws inspiration from her favorite fandoms like Sailor Moon and Goosebumps. Her books feature overpowered women who can destroy planets, a trope she adores. Who doesn't love a strong female protagonist?

From corporate job to bestselling author, Rachel Rener shares her journey on the FoCo Comic Con podcast. Don't miss this inspiring conversation! Get ready to be enchanted by Rachel Rener's urban fantasy books that combine science and magic. Tune in to the FoCo Comic Con podcast to learn more about her captivating storytelling!

If you enjoyed this rambling, filter-less interview, I'll also be hosting a panel at the convention entitled Men Writing Women: An author-led panel that [lovingly] examines poorly-written, two-dimensional female literary characters through humorously bad examples (“she breasted boobily down the stairs”), followed by a thoughtful discussion on how to successfully write fully fleshed-out, three dimensional, realistic female characters in fiction writing. Caution: cringe-worthy anatomical terms abound!

To all my local Colorado nerds, I hope to see you there! To everyone else, thanks for stopping by!


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