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We're in the final stretch, friends! After an amazing campaign, we are over 300% funded and have unlocked the following stretch goals:

- Custom tattoo runes for all tiers!

- 13 full-page, full-color illustrations!

- A built-in ribbon tattoo!

- A fully-colorized fold-out map!

- I ❤️ Biscuit tattoos for all tiers!

- Rainbow holographic foil (bonus add-on)!

- Custom engraved medallions (bonus add-on)!

With a full day to go and last-minute pledges pouring in, I honestly think we'll be able to hit the final stretch goal: a Kickstarter-exclusive short story featuring none other than Dee Dee and Bisskiss!!! If you haven't pledged yet and you'd like to see that become a reality, now's your chance!

Thank you so much, everyone! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


BTW, if you're still hungry for more Kickstarter yumminess, launching today is Katie Cherry's REBORN Crystal Dragon Saga: Book 2! Everyone who backs a physical tier in the first 24 hours gets a 3D printed Dragon phone holder!!


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