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What in the world does Sol look like?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Gilded Blood readers love putting faces to names, and when it comes to Sol, the smolderingly wicked incubus mob boss, no one can quite agree 😂 So I thought I'd share a handful of examples of what my readers have told me they envision, versus my own vision (which you'll find at the bottom of this post!)

Bruce Willis

Jon Hamm

Dennis Hopper (?!)

Richard Gere

George Clooney

And finally, "The short chubby perverted guy" (Don Corneo) from Final Fantasy 7

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeen in actuality, Talia describes Sol like this:

"I stared up at the second most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes on – a silver-haired man with ice-blue eyes, a short, dark beard that faded perfectly into his platinum sideburns, and a smile that could have thawed permafrost. He wore a three-piece navy suit with diamond cufflinks and a crimson silk tie, but the most striking part of his outfit was the ring he wore on his right hand: it held a massive gem, the color of dried blood, that somehow managed to sparkle against a sunless sky. Between his thick, slicked-back hair and his flawless, smooth skin, I honestly couldn’t tell if he was thirty or fifty."

Which, as I envision him, looks a little something like this:

How about you? How did you envision Sol, and was it anything close to his actual appearance?

Along with Talia, Zayn, and Biscuit, the Gilded Blood series has a pretty sexy cast, wouldn't you say? 🤤❤️

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Ooo! This image is much sexier than I envised!

Feb 24, 2023
Replying to

RIGHT? He's a hotty toddy!

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