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BBBs (Big Beautiful Books) and a Public Call for Pirates 🏴‍☠️

(Be sure to read to the bottom to see a special message from the Queen Helper Bee herself, Britt! As my executive assistant, she's got the inside scoop on the behind the scenes madness, plus plenty of piping hot tea 🍵 about yours truly😅 We'll be including those tidbits at the bottom of my newsletter moving forward!)

Arrrr, Mateys, and Happy Tuesday! 🏴‍☠️

In our continuing efforts to stalk--er, track the cargo vessel OOCL Poland (which is carrying around 1500 Gilded Blood omnibuses), we can see that they are presently on track to arrive at port by the 25th. After that, the books will be put through customs and loaded onto an 18-wheeler that'll be headed for Andrew's warehouse in Katy, TX.

Realistically, I think the books will be shipped in early June by this point, but Terrance, Britt, and I are fully invested in becoming pirates so that we can intercept the books early and get them to you sooner. All we need is a pirate ship and a crew. Any volunteers?

Speaking of Big Beautiful Books (BBBs), look what just arrived - the proof copy for the stunning special edition Bone Whisperer Duology!

(If you can't see the embedded video, you can click any of these links: IG / TT/ FB )

These are already in production and will be shipped at the end of the month, expected to arrive directly at my Colorado warehouse by early July. I absolutely love the Bone Whisperer Chronicles and would love to see Lilah Quinn's VERY unique story in the hands of more readers. The duology features:

⌛ Sweet romance

⌛ Time-bending seizures

⌛ Creepy mystery with an amateur female sleuth

⌛ Found family (best/funniest father figure EVER).

⌛ Multiple converging timelines (think Holes by Louis Sachar)

⌛ ...and has been hailed as "one of the most ingenious books I have ever read" by The Magic Book Corner and many others!


By the way, if you love pretty purple books, be sure to stop by my booth at San Diego Comic Con this July, where Megan Haskell and I will be signing this SDCC-exclusive collection of short stories!

(Don't forget, you can find my calendar of events and appearances here!)

Have a wonderful week ahead!❤️

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A Word from our Queen Helper Bee 👑🐝

Hi Fam!

WOW have I enjoyed my first few weeks in Rachel’s world SO much! Not only is she an absolute DREAM to work with, but so is this entire community of readers she has standing behind her! You have been so kind welcoming me into my new role and it has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for all the warm welcomes! Looking forward to getting to know you more as the days go on too.

So, as some of you already know, Rachel is brand new to my world too. I recently dove into her Gilded Blood Series for the first time and just wrapped up reading Inked last week. To say I’m absolutely OBSESSED would be an understatement! I guess it would be weird to work here if I didn’t like her writing though huh?! ;) Thank goodness I can honestly say that will NOT be the case for me. I’m already onto Jinxed and can’t wait to read what happens next! No spoilers please! ;) Lmk if you’re also reading this series for the first time, I’d love to connect with ya.

Alrighty - onto some exciting news! As we all know, Rachel has had quite the laundry list of tasks over the years. Now that I’m here I’m slowly starting to take over those tasks for her so she can get back to WRITING. I know how much she loves being in the DMs and comments with you all and she will still be there, however I will be helping out with answering some of the more generic inquiries. I’m so excited to help in this capacity and Rachel will still be here too reading all your lovely messages.

The # 1 question coming in right now (and rightfully so) is: WHERE IS MY OMNIBUS?

I get it, the FOMO is real, but rest assured we are straight up STALKING the cargo ship bringing them across seas and it is going to be here in just a matter of days! After that we are getting them to our distribution team and shipped out immediately to ya! As soon as they’re in our hands you will automatically receive tracking info for your orders. PLEASE send me an email at asap if you have any changes in your shipping address.

That’s it for now fam. Hope you all have the best week!




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