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And Thus Ends the Shortest Pirate Stint in the History of Pirateering😭🏴‍☠️

While I was fully invested on becoming a pirate so we could bring that cargo ship here sooner, I'm thrilled to let you know the Gilded Blood omnibuses have arrived at port right on time! If there's one thing this Kickstarter project has taught me, it's that ocean freight shipping is so much more complex and SLOWWWWER than I ever realized! You basically have these massive cargo ships that cross the ocean at like 25 knots (28 MPH/46 KPH), which can therefore take weeks. And then once they finally arrive at port, they can sometimes sit there for days if the port is congested 🤧

Now, because Britt, Andrew, and I are getting around a dozen messages a day asking where the heck these beautiful omnibuses are, I've been tracking the boat via satellite to give you minute-by-minute updates! I also took it upon myself to research port conditions at Long Beach, which is currently sitting happily at around 1 day of congestion. All excellent news! Now, here's where it gets hairy again:

After the books arrive at port, we'll lose visibility as the pallets (which are carrying 214 boxes of books!) move through customs, warehouses, trucks, more warehouses, and more trucks. Eventually it gets to a warehouse here and they'll call asking about delivery hours. We get an ETA, but it's a loose one, and there's a long period where we don't have any information about where things are. And we can't call to find out, because it's different parties contacting different companies along the way. We won't know who's bringing them until they call us.

Isn't that NUTS? And yet, somehow, it all works.

Anyway, the current ETA for the books to arrive at Andrew's warehouse in Texas is June 11th. It might be sooner. It could possibly be later. But it'll be somewhere around then. At that point, we'll immediately start shipping them and will get you your tracking information in real time. 

If your address has changed since the Kickstarter/Pledgebox survey or you have any concerns about shipment, please contact Andrew at 

If you preordered the omnibus through my website and your address has changed or you have any concerns about shipment, please contact Britt at

In the meantime, while we all wait for our BBBs (Big Beautiful Books) to arrive, my entire 4-book Lightning Conjurer series is currently FREE on Amazon. That sale ends tomorrow, so if you've been hankering for a new fantasy series, go grab it quick!

When an amnesiac rediscovers her latent powers, she'll shake the entire world...literally.

Captain Marvel meets Avatar: The Last Airbender in this thrilling saga of empowerment, found family, and a sizzling, slow-burn romance.


Be well and happy reading!❤️


Gorgeous Kickstarter Alert!

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