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Amethysts & Alchemy cover reveal, SURPRISE audiobook release & MORE Gilded Blood Omnibuses!!!


Releasing a few days earlier than planned (yay!), I am so excited to share the cover of Amethysts & Alchemy: A Neurospicy, Rivals-to-lovers, Cozy Romantic Fantasy

You know how I love mixing science and magic? Well, this one has MINERAL MAGIC!💎It also has: 

✅ Authentic neurospicy representation ✅ A badass alchemist / pharmacist FMC ✅ Laura Croft meets Lessons in Chemistry vibes ✅ An emotional support pig that steals the show ✅ Airplanes, spelunking, and ancient Chinese history

✅ Rivals-to-lovers romance (and OMG does it smolder!) ✅ Footnotes for those of us who want alllllll the random facts

I'm also so excited to announce the audiobook will be performed by Lia Langola, whom I discovered via her incredible narration of Elizabeth Briggs' Zodiac Wolves series. Working with her has been amazing and I can't wait for you to hear her bring Delaney Stone to life!

Preorder your copy of Amethysts & Alchemy now:

Kindle  |  Signed Paperback & Hardcover  |  Audiobook ( link coming soon!)


As if all that wasn't exciting enough, I also have an EXCLUSIVE NEW RELEASE, available now!


I know it's been foooooorrreeeeeeevvveeerrrrrrrr since the Gilded Blood Kickstarter funded, so you may have forgotten the $50k stretch goal we hit at the very last second: A bonus epilogue featuring Bisskiss and Dee Dee!!! That short story will be included at the end of the omnibus (which many of you will be receiving THIS WEEK!!!), but I'm also so excited to announce that Tara Novie and I have teamed up again to bring you the audiobook version, available exclusively through my shop!

Here's the adorable blurb:

Talia and Zayn drop Biscuit, Mavvie, and their unhatched egg off at Grandma's house for what's supposed to be a quiet, uneventful playdate. But when and Dee Dee are involved, nothing is ever quiet or uneventful. Upon realizing they're out of almonds, the two of them decide to brave the perils of Costco Wholesale, where they come face-to-face with some unexpected (and jumbo-sized) complications....


Speaking of Gilded Blood omnibuses, guess what just arrived on U.S. soil TODAY? 2,000 more copies!!! 

This is a photo of the actual boat carrying the omnibuses!

We expect them to take another 2 weeks to go through customs and ground shipping, but for those of you who ordered after April 2nd, the magenta-pink light at the end of the tunnel is nigh!!

Have a wonderful week ahead and HAPPY READING/LISTENING!

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